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Mental health issues affect around 450 million people around the world according to the World Health Organisation (October 2018). 

Whilst there has been a shift in the stigma surrounding mental health issues, there is still not enough knowledge or understanding around the most common types of mental health conditions, and what can be done to support someone who is struggling to look after their mental wellbeing. Whilst there is training available to help educate people, for the most part this is priced out of the reach of many people.  

At Compass Rose we believe that knowledge, understanding and the skills to deal with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, addiction and others, is something that should be in the hands of as many people as possible. That is why we have developed our own unique training workshops, combining our expertise in mental health, a passion for teaching and a desire to help empower other people, with a lower price point that makes it accessible to everyone. 

98% of workshop attendees rated us as Excellent or Good for course content and course delivery so far in 2019 

Our workshops

Our workshops are created from the ground up to be accessible and informative, using the most up to date research and knowledge of mental health. We believe learning is more effective when it is fun, visual and interactive, which is why you won't find endless powerpoint presentations on our workshops. We believe mental health training should be applicable to the real world, and so we ground our teaching in real world experience too. All of our training is delivered by accredited training providers, who are experienced therapists working in the field of mental health. 

Because we believe training and knowledge should be available to everyone, we run our workshops in small group format, as well as the standard larger groups. Our small group format consist of groups of 6-7 people as a maximum, and smaller, cosier venues (exchanging tables and chairs for sofas and beanbags), which are designed to make people who may otherwise feel uncomfortable in large groups or formal training venues feel more relaxed, helping them to learn.


We organise workshops for individuals, as well as offering hosted workshops for organisations. 

Mental Health First Responder Workshop

Understand the most common mental health issues, how to identify them, how to offer support to someone struggling and ways of improving the mental health of others and ourselves.

Living with Anxiety Workshop

Learn what causes anxiety, the neuroscience behind anxiety, how it affects us and how you can develop a toolkit to be able to manage anxiety in yourself and to support others who may be struggling with their anxiety.

Dealing with Addiction Workshop

Understand the causes of addiction, the ways we use addiction as a coping strategy, how addiction and shame often go hand in hand and how we can work with someone, or ourselves, in order to change the addictive patterns of behaviour

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