What makes our training different?

At Compass Rose we pride ourselves on how we deliver our training. What you'll experience is far removed from stuffy classrooms and endless powerpoint slides. We base our training on three core principles:

  • The most up to date knowledge and understanding around mental health

  • easy and accessible learning

  • grounded in real world experience

Compass Rose is an accredited training provider, and all training is facilitated and supported by BACP registered, qualified and experienced psychotherapists, who not only stay up to date with the latest in neuroscience and mental health knowledge and research, but also apply this in their day to day work as therapists. Crucially, they also have a lived experience of mental health, and use this experience as a foundation for training others. We don't just talk about issues such as anxiety, or depression, we share our own experiences of this and encourage open discussion amongst trainees to ground the knowledge in real world experience. 

We believe that although mental health is a serious issue, the discussion and training around it doesn't have to be. In fact, if we make the conversation around it too serious, we risk not having the conversation at all. Studies have also shown that when learning is made enjoyable and fun, the ability to retain knowledge and understanding increases.

Whilst we use neuroscience and psychotherapy theory as a basis for the training, we simplify the language to make it easy to understand, and make it open to anyone. And we also do this by making the training as interactive as possible. For example we could talk about what it feels like when someone feels overwhelmed, but it makes a greater impression when we create a tornado to illustrate this. We can talk about coping strategies for addiction, but it stays in the memory longer when we discuss it by throwing coloured balls around the room.

You don't have to have any prior knowledge or understanding to attend one of our courses. They're open to everyone. Whether you work in mental health and are looking for additional CPD, are part of a workplace, organisation, social group or charity that would benefit from having an increased knowledge and skill set around mental health, or you would just like to learn more for yourself or to help others, our courses are designed for you.  All our training is certified and counts as CPD towards professional development.

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Further information

Got any questions about our workshops? Perhaps you'd be interested in hosting a mental health workshop of your own and want to get us in to provide the training? Maybe you'd like to book an exclusive corporate workshop for your employees or organisation members?

We can help with all of this! 

We'd love to hear from you about any requirements you might have, or if you're keen to host your own workshops. Drop us an email or give us a call.


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